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Redcon 1

Redcon 1

Redcon 1 A virus that has turned people into zombies across Britain has spread. The virus was spread through a South London prison. A British-American joint special forces team is sent into the quarantine zone to find Dr. Julian Raynes, a scientist who is meant to have the possibility of developing a cure. There are four possible locations he might be in. The group, consisting of Captain Stanton Captain Stanton, Lieutenant Perez, Paige, Rodrigo and several others, enter the first location by assault craft floating down the river. They encounter the first zombies, and realize that they’re not the normal zombie genre and are more intelligent, adept at hand-to-hand combat as well as using objects. They manage to escape the initial location however they are soon surrounded by zombies.

They are assaulted by zombies within the flats. Scientists are able to bring them to the top of the building. However, disaster strikes quickly when Jacob, the largest player in the team, is bitten while he fights. Jacob kills himself with a gun to keep himself from being zombified. They find vehicles full of zombie-like soldiers who are hiding in the rubble. The squad hide out amongst the dead corpses, but Private Bernstein is taken prisoner and taken away in a truck. The signal for tracking from Bernstein allows them to track the vehicles, and they find a camp of zombie soldiers who are wearing CBRN hazmat suits. They find the missing soldier in a container along with other survivors – including two female civilians and Dr. Raynes.

After saving everyone inside the container, they encounter the zombies. The firefight escalates to the point in which many survivors die due to the zombies. After they escape they question Raynes. Meanwhile the squad’s commanding officer Major General Smith is discussing the outbreak with the rest of his staff. It appears that his son is infected and that they’re continuing to test other zombies. After taking shelter in the bunker, Paige confides to her boyfriend Rodrigo, that she became infected after a battle when blood that had been contaminated got in her mouth. He kisses her passionately even though he’s aware he will get infected just like she. They stay behind from the rest of the group, and then head out into the countryside. They also learn that the surviving girl, Alicia, might be immune to the virus.

Stanton, Bernstein and Perez arrive at the pick-up point The trio arrives at the pickup point, where Smith informs the trio that he has to murder his son and that there is no solution. Smith was angry at Raynes and demanded revenge. Smith shoots Raynes before returning to the helicopter. A fight ensues between the security guards as well as the survivors. Perez is injured , and it is discovered that Bernstein was victimized by Smith to gather information due to his parents being held captive. Perez is left behind to fight the horde but is outmatched by his fellow prisoners and is eaten. Stanton and Alicia are taken prisoner by the group and it is discovered that Alicia is the daughter of the leader of the rioters, Jimmy, who died after escaping earlier in the film. Jimmy had been proven to have a sporadic immunity to the virus. Stanton inspects Alicia’s bite and finds marks from bites in the past. Based on the conversation and journal, he knows that Jimmy was not completely immune and that Alicia is totally immune. Stanton decides to to reach the free zone to gain an alliance from the group of survivors who are near the border. They meet with the survivors, who find Private Bernstein. Stanton explains to the survivors the military’s plan to bomb the zone of quarantine. The survivors agree to help him in negotiating the border. Redcon 1 HD

They are accompanied at the border by a massive group of zombies and the prison gang that offered to assist them. Smith is at the border, and instructs his men to kill all. A fight takes place between Smith and Stanton who is then zombified and finally beats the General. Stanton is rewarded with a mercy kill from Bernstein and Alicia is removed from the quarantine zone.